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The Christian Education Department would like to gain information in order to provide workshop topics which are of interest to each of you.  Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience.  We are very grateful for your feedback and support.  Thank you!

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The Christian Education Department is creating a pool of workshop facilitators who:

  • Must be saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Must be in good standing with the denomination
  • Have a commitment to Christ and a calling to Christian Education
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills, including active listening
  • Willing to sacrifice time to prepare
  • Must show forth the fruit of the Spirit and submissive to the Board of Bishops, General Officials, Pastors, and members of the Church of the Living God
  • Be faithful in stewardship (tithe, offering, time)
  • Have experience in the selected area
  • Be supportive of the program of the Christian Education Department
  • Have positive people skills and the ability to motivate others in the area of Christian service, particularly to Christian education
  • Have a good understanding of Bible/theology/Christian education

If you possess these qualities, please contact Rev. Dr. Geraldine Crystal via e-mail:, expressing your interest in conducting a workshop.

Workshops are conducted during the following annual meetings of the Church of The Living God: Bishops, Pastors, Ministers Conference, National Youth-Music Conference, and General Assembly. These meetings are held in various locations throughout the United States.  Click on the calendar to view specific dates.​​​​​​​