House of God, which is the Church of the Living God, Pillar & Ground of the Truth.

Sunday School Lessons, Games & Trivia

Sunday School Curriculum



The Sunday School will promote a strong local program of Christian Education in keeping abreast of major trends in the field of education.  It provides an opportunity for children and adults to develop their faith and help to equip them to serve others as a Body of Christ.  The classes offer meaningful instruction concerning Christian doctrine.  The Sunday School encourages and promotes cooperation with the District, Diocese, and General youth and other Christian education departments and their recommended programs.  The Sunday School Department will organize for outreach and keep before the General Church body the importance of the Christian Education program.


​​​​​​​The young people’s department, better known in our church as the HYPBC (Holy Young People’s Bible Class), is to train and encourage the young people of our church.  The department’s primary responsibility will be to nurture the youth into mature Christians.  This department must ensure that each church in the connection has a HYPBC organization with Bible lessons through HYPBC.

Go to the following website to view the HYPBC' Department curriculum:


The President of the National Youth Congress is primarily responsible for the planning, organizing and implementing the annual convention of the youths of the Church of the Living God.  This includes recognition of academic achievement of high school, college, vocational, seminary graduates, etc.; workshops, seminars, king and queen pageant, oratorical excellence, Bible Trivia, outreach, sport activities, worship experience, etc. in ways that promotes the vision, mission, and purpose of the church.