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Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary (CBCS) in Ridgely, Maryland pursues networking with the Body of Christ worldwide.  This includes establishing network links with denominations, missionary societies, church organizations, Bible Institutes, and Bible Schools.  They recognize that no one in the Body of Christ “has it all” when it comes to ministry, but they also recognize that each believer has a part of the whole by which they can supply what other parts lack.  CBCS is committed to serving as a unifying link as they help break down the walls that divide the Body of Christ.  By helping people earn a degree, they help make their dreams come true.

The college enables students, regardless of their life situation or daily schedule, the opportunity to earn a degree in Bible and ministry-related subjects through the combined evaluation of their church service, life experience, and previous college credits.  Whether through traditional classes or correspondence, students may choose from a range of academic programs from the diploma to the doctor’s level.

The Church of the Living God Christian Education Department will encourage denominational churches to become a Distance Learning Center and partner with CBCS.  CBCS has satisfied all the criteria for the status of an exempt religious-degree-granting institution.  The pastor, or someone designed by the pastor, becomes the Distance Learning Center Director of the local School of Ministry.  The Learning Center Director is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the local Distance Learning Center operation including curriculum, course selection, classroom requirements, designation of teachers, regular duties, etc.

The below guidelines must be met in order for CBCS to give credits for any courses taught:

  • Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary operates on the national standard of 15 contact hours that equal 1 credit.
  • This means a 3-credit course must have a combination of teaching hours and homework hours totaling at least 45 hours.
  • A 3-credit course which is being taught for three hours a night, one night each week would run for 9 weeks.  (One-3 hour night of classroom teaching a week plus homework for 3 weeks = 1 credit).
  • Teaching materials must be submitted to CBCS for evaluation of all courses being considered for acceptance and transferability to CBCS.

Through a relationship with CBCS, the School of Ministry will award units of study for courses taught at the School of Ministry.  CBCS will accept a certificate of completion for courses taught at an approved School of Ministry and convert the units of study into credits toward a Diploma of Ministry, Associate, Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctorate degree.

The cost of having a School of Ministry is designed to be economical, enabling churches of different sizes to have their own local Distance Learning Center.  The church is not unduly burdened with excess charges.  To cover initial affiliation costs, there is a one-time fee of $1,000 for churches with more than 300 members.  For churches with fewer than 300 members, the one-time affiliation fee is $500.00.  

The National Director of the Christian Education Department will be available to assist in setting up the School of Ministry program in your denominational churches.