House of God, which is the Church of the Living God, Pillar & Ground of the Truth.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​God has placed upon the Church the vast responsibility of imparting His work to spiritually recreated minds.  Therefore, Bible teaching or Christian education is not an option—it is one of the Church’s most pressing duties.  In line with this mandate, this non-denominational School of Ministry was established. 

The CLG Berean School of Ministry is designed to equip leaders for the work of the ministry, proclaiming the gospel to their various communities in order that the churches might become environments for spiritual growth, temples of worship, and centers of evangelism.  The School of Ministry is here to assist students in discovering, developing, and activating their gifts for the betterment of mankind and to glorify God.  It exists primarily to train Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished through an integrated process of instruction, supervised ministry experience, and personal spiritual development.

The CLG Berean School of Ministry has been approved by Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, Ridgely, Maryland, to award units of study for courses taught at the School of Ministry.  These units of study will then be converted into credits by Chesapeake Bible College toward the following:


  • Diploma of Ministry (Dip. Min.) – 36 units of study
  • Associate of Christian Ministry (A.C.M.) – 60 units of study
  • Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) – 120 units of study
  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry (B.C.M.) – 120 units of study
  • Master of Ministry – 168 units of study

Bishop Ivy A. Hopkins founded the CLG Berean School of Ministry.  She is the Pennsylvania United Diocese Presiding Bishop, Vice President General of the Church of the Living God, Inc., and Campus Director.

For further information, contact Rev. Dr. Geraldine Crystal, Campus Dean, at